“There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

December 9, 2014



November 12th, 2014

November 19th, 2014


It’s always chaotic the last two weeks of Startup Quest as everyone rushes to finalize their business plans and rehearse their pitches. Session 9 didn’t host 1 guest speaker, but 5. Representatives from the Greenhouse, Tec Garage, Pinellas Economic Development Center, CareerSource, and Tampa Bay Innovation Center all came to speak to our participants about the resources available to them upon completion of the program. Hopefully, this will continue to encourage and engage our participants in the Tampa Bay entrepreneur community. Once our speakers left, everyone had the rest of the session to finalize their plans and put in any finishing details. At 5 o’clock business plans were collected and the week of waiting began.

The Pitch Contest arrived and like usual, everyone marveled at how quickly the ten weeks had gone by. By 12:30 a huge crowd had formed at the doors waiting to get in and get a seat. By 1:00 it was standing room only. After a brief introduction of our judges’ panel the pitches began. The pitches were fantastic. In 8 minutes each team was able to communicate their technology, market strategy, competitive analysis, financial predictions, ROI, and more. Below is a brief synopsis of each pitch:

Team 1 – Location Aware Solutions presented Power Boost, an Optimizing Performance of Location Aware Applications GPS Auto Sleep technology developed at USF. Their product is software based, extends battery life 2x, addresses privacy, and is scale-able.

Team 2 – StayAlert Technologies, Inc. presented Wide Awake, a technology that monitors driver fatigue and alertness developed at UCF. They focused on their competitive advantage – their product outshines other products by being superior on 2 or more features.

Team 3 – Hidden Depth Technologies presented their Radiographic Thickness Measuring Method technology developed by a team at NASA. They presented this technology as a solution to a market need in the energy industry where plants have to undergo routine inspections that are timely and costly. Their technology takes 2D x-ray scans and converts them to 3D images, a faster and more efficient way to detect any problems.

Team 4 – Canary Systems presented their Ground Lightning Measurement System technology from NASA. Their technology will address the FAA required safety checks for planes by remotely measuring and assessing levels of electromagnetic radiation received from lightning and report whether or not it exceeded tolerances.

Team 5 – Smart Water Devices presented XactoFlow, a Volumetric Control Apparatus for Fluid Dispensing, developed out of USF. XactoFlow is a “smart home” touch screen appliance that prevents water overflow, accurately measures, and helps conserve water. They intend to market to new, luxury homes and kitchen remodels.

Team 6 – VISAR presented Sharp View, an Advanced Video and Image Editing technology developed at NASA. Sharp View will be marketed to law enforcement, valuable for its ability to dramatically enhance images and stabilize videos.

Team 7 – S’Cure presented an Extended Range RFID and Sensor Tag technology developed at NASA. They aim to change the way drug companies manage the tracking and tracing of pharmaceuticals to attack major problems such as, counterfeiting, diversion, and recalls. They plan to target Big Pharma.

Team 8 – ViroTech presented TriviRX, a Protein Kinase-C as a Target for the Treatment of Respiratory Syncytial Virus developed at USF. TriviRX works to prevent, protect, and arrest as there are 3.5 million cases of RSV yearly and costs a total of $575 million a year.

Team 9 – Primal Beatz presented a System and Method for Evolving Music Tracks technology developed at UCF. Primal Beatz is the most advanced solution to enhance music quality that is cost effective and easy to use. They will sell their product on a monthly cloud based subscription service, making it widely available to all music enthusiasts.

Team 10 – Enforcer Piling Armor presented the Bond Enhancement for Underwater Pile Repair technology developed at USF. 1 in 4 bridges are structurally deficient, EPA has a solution that lowers repair costs, doubles the lifespan, and is unmatched by any competitors. EPA will target South Florida first, and then expand across the nation.

Team 11 – Innovacan Therapeutics Incorporated presents Microencapsulation, a Novel Therapeutic for the Treatment of Cancer, developed at USF. Microencapsulation is a biodegradable micro-balloon that has the ability to deliver cancer treatment drugs to a targeted area that is cost efficient, eliminates side effects, and works quicker than other treatments.