Mentors are the key component of Startup Quest. Mentors commit to meeting with their team once per week for 10 weeks to provide guidance and related experiences.

Requirements for participating as a mentor are as follows:

  • Experienced entrepreneur or accomplished upper level manager in a technology-based business;
  • Successful at commercializing a technology;
  • Knowledgeable about the industry applications of a selected technology;
  • Willing to commit time and energy to the team and the entire program;
  • Wants to give back to the community;
  • Works well with people of diverse backgrounds and skill sets; and
  • Willing to coach the team in developing the business.

Mentor Benefits

  • Make a difference in the lives of educated people who are under-utilized and want to be “in the game”;
  • Make a meaningful contribution to the startup ecosystem;
  • Network with other mentors -successful entrepreneurs and CEOs; and
  • Get an inside look at emerging technologies available for licensing.

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Work with the RPM to select a technology from the Startup Quest web site listing;
  • Attend a Mentor orientation session;
  • Attend each of the Startup Simulation Laboratory Sessions where training is provided;
  • Act as virtual CEO for your team throughout the Startup Simulation Laboratory Sessions;
  • Contribute knowledge and experience as needed to support the curriculum topics and the Training Facilitator;
  • Mentor the team on each week’s activities during the Team Breakout;
  • Share expertise and insights with participants during team working sessions as part of the training experience;
  • Guide the team to create business plan and investor pitch deliverables; and
  • Coach the team for the Pitch Competition.

Mentor Expectations

  • Choose the technology from a list supplied by the tech-transfer offices;
  • Meet with your team for 4 hours every Thursday afternoon for 10 weeks;
  • Act as the virtual CEO for your team;
  • Share your expertise and insights to guide your team to create a business plan for the technology; and
  • Coach your team for the investor pitch on graduation day.