The most important ingredient of a successful Startup Quest training program is the mentor for each team. The mentors are the heart of the program.

Mentors come from technology-based industries, such as software, information technology/information systems, aerospace, advanced materials and coatings, nanotechnology, robotics, medical devices, biotechnology, life sciences, automation, and other technology industries.  Mentors should have experience in bringing a new technology to market, and this is fundamental.

Requirements for participating as a mentor are as follows:

•                Experienced entrepreneur or accomplished upper level manager in a technology-based business;

•                Successful at commercializing a technology;

•                Knowledgeable about the industry applications of a selected technology;

•                Willing to commit time and energy to the team and the entire program;

•                Wants to give back to the community;

•                Works well with people of diverse backgrounds and skill sets; and

•                Willing to coach the team in developing the business