“A speech should not just be a sharing of information, but a sharing of yourself” – Ralph Archbold

November 17, 2014


October 22nd, 2014


There was a lot of energy in the room Wednesday, most of it due to Reuben Pressman, our 25 year old guest speaker. Reuben, looking every bit the entrepreneur in his jeans and flip flops, took the crowd by surprise; after all, how much could a 25 year old possibly know about entrepreneurship? Turns out, a whole lot.

Reuben has started several businesses, organizations, and other projects. Currently, he is the CEO of Check I’m Here, an application that allows colleges and universities to track, manage, engage, and assess students and campus organizations. He steered his talk into the direction of pitching and presenting. “First and foremost, every pitch needs a goal. You will pitch your idea, business, etc. hundreds of times and each pitch needs to reflect what you’re asking. You should prepare to have a tweet length pitch (140 characters) up to a multiple hour meeting.  People make decisions on how they feel, so know how to talk about it and explain it.”

Reuben also suggested that once you have a minimum viable product, launch it. Then watch it and see if it is successful and working. If so, improve it. If it isn’t and can’t be fixed then move on. Reuben began pitching his company to universities and schools prior to launching the complete product. Waiting until it’s successful is waiting too long.

Before he concluded his talk, Reuben left everyone with one other piece of advice, write yourself a pep talk. And whenever you’re struggling, discouraged, facing rejection, etc. go read that pep talk and keep going.

To learn more about Check I’m Here you can visit their website at http://checkimhere.com/ or follow them on Twitter: @CheckImHere

Now in week 6 we’re getting really close to completing the program. Business plans are due in just 3 weeks and all pitches will be delivered in a month.  Slowly, teams need to begin preparing for finalizing both these things.

If you’re interested in attending the Pitch Contest it will be held at Safety Harbor Resort and Spa on November 19th from 1 – 5 p.m.  RSVP HERE

See y’all next week!