Get the training and skills

With Startup Quest®, eight workforce regions in the CareerSource Florida network are focused on providing unemployed and underemployed professionals the training and skills to become entrepreneurs and create new jobs in their community.

Startup Quest® is a nationally recognized entrepreneurship training program that connects teams of qualified participants with successful CEOs and entrepreneurs to learn the steps needed to transform an invention or discovery into a product for the marketplace. The program gives these professionals the training and skills to become entrepreneurs or bring their new entrepreneurial skills to an existing company. Learn more about Startup Quest®.


For Mentors

Discover cutting-edge technologies

Serve as a virtual CEO

Provide leadership and expertise

Participate in a nationally recognized program


For Participants

Gain valuable entrepreneurial skills from successful entrepreneurs

Learn how to write a business plan

Collaborate in a team environment

Compete in an investor pitch

What are people saying about Startup Quest®?

“I realized that I needed to be part of an environment of entrepreneurs. I intentionally wanted to put myself and surround myself with like-minded people who really were somewhat in a similar situation but wanted to do something and to take ownership of essentially their destiny.”

participant and entrepreneur